Apply For a Reloan

We apologise but Reloan is no longer an active service and no longer taking on new loan applications. Reloan has moved its operations to our parent company site over a Quick Loans. 

The reason we have done this is because of licensing issues with the Financial Conduct Authority, it makes much more sense to run everything from just one site instead of multiple outlets that all take time and effort to keep up to date with ever changing compliance.

We are aware of people using our name to cold call people and ask for payments upfront in exchange for loans being issued. This is not us, we can guarantee that for you. We have never conducted any cold calling campaigns and don't have any outbound call facilities. If you receive such calls you should immediately put the phone down and ignore the caller.

Do not under any circumstances pay money upfront for a loan. You will NOT receive any loan and will only lose your money.

To apply on our parent site click here