ReLoan Will Pay Off Your Existing Guarantor Loan

Borrow up to £7500 at HALF the APR you are currently paying

Representative Example: Borrowing £4000 over 36 months, repaying £159.04 per month, total repayable £5,725.41 Interest rate 25.0% (variable).

**** Do not pay upfront for a loan - ever. People are pretending to be us - it's a scam!

Switch Your Loan
And Half Your APR

Borrowers that move their existing Guarantor Loans to us, can cut the APR they are charged by half. That means borrowers who are paying Amigo or Glo 50% APR, will be able to move their agreement to us and pay off the loan at just 25% APR. No setup costs, no risk!

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No Credit Checks

There are no more credit checks to be done, the fact that you already have a Guarantor Loan is enough for us.

Real Lenders

We are Real Lenders, we do not broker loans for anyone. You will only be dealing with us from start to finish.

Competition Works

We don't advertise, our customers come to us because of word of mouth. We compete on price, the way it should be.

No Catch

No upfront fees, no admin charges, just bring your existing Guarantor Loan to us and we will half the APR!

Save on Repayments or Pay Off Earlier

When you switch your loan to us, you will be given two options. You can reduce your monthly repayments and finish when you would with your previous lender. Or you can continue paying the same monthly fee and this will reduce the remaining payments substantially. All this without any cost or risk!
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What We Don't Offer

Although we deal in Guarantor loans, we do not lend to anyone who is not currently in a Guarantor Loan Agreement. We only lend to people in the form of paying off their existing Guarantor Loan. The money is paid directly to your original lender, not to you. By doing this we can ensure that the applicant is not getting into more debt. There are zero exceptions to this rule. All monies loaned will be paid directly to the existing Guarantor lender.

Our Promise On Fees

There are absolutely, 100% No admin or upfront fees of any kind with Reloan. You can simply apply online and we will give you a decision within a few minutes. So long as the information you provide is accurate, we will issue you the loan. Beware of anyone offering a loan in exchange for money upfront. In our experience they are almost certainly not telling the truth and you will lose your money.

Too Good To Be True?

On the face of it, a lender is willing to cut the rate of APR you are paying in half, without upfront costs, without any fees and a 90% acceptance rate then we agree that it sounds too good to be true, but this really isn't. This is one of those win win situations for both lenders and creditors. If in any doubt, ask around for advice. As a dynamic lender, we are continuously bringing new products to the market to help everyone. We don't sit there like Martin Lewis complaining that loans are too expensive, we put our money where our mouths are and do something about it by competing not moaning.